Hot Mama

Yesterday, a friend told me that he thinks of pregnant women as sexy. Then he asked if it made him naughty to think so.

It got me a’thinking about how much men used to hit on me with my previous pregnancies (2), and I used to just look at them like they were insane. “Can’t you see I’m ‘in a family way’ already?!” I wanted to shout.

I’ve even read want ads where men specifically looked for pregnant women, and I have been boggled. I can only chalk it up to the fact that pregnant women are obviously fertile, and that must be a turn-on for some. Why guess when you know? :-/

But maybe there’s something more, my friend and I reasoned. Maybe there’s some primitive biological instinct to conquer the next man’s woman, and a pregnant woman has already been–well–“conquered” to an extent, for 40 weeks (give or take) anyway. Maybe.

As the woman-with-child, however, I couldn’t imagine a stranger or the child’s non-biological father touching me. With my daughters, I felt: one man’s DNA was inside me. His blood ran through me. It was less of a loyalty issue (though it was that, too) and more of an “ick” factor. I wonder how women who have become involved while pregnant felt or how they overcame those feelings, if they existed at all.


What I wonder even more is what attracts men to pregnant women (who aren’t their own partners/wives). I get the whole “glow” thing, but doesn’t the idea of another man’s baby being inside of the woman bother men? Hmmm…


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