In The Throes

You know pregnancy is well-established in your psyche when your days revolve around feeding cravings and baby/maternity sales.

At some point during each day, I go on food missions, sometimes several. I just can’t eat any old thing like I had before. I used to give into eating what was around or even elaborate preparations of dishes. The mere thought of smelling too many ingredients makes me nauseous now. Fortunately, my desires come fairly cheaply and promptly. Subway‘s® Veggie Delights take care of my spinach & cheese fixes, and IHOP® cures the rest with hash browns prepped with spinach and cheese. (Calcium cravings.)

Today’s needs sent me all the way to the opposite side of town for a Jamaican patty, then clear across to the other side for Mrs. Field’s chocolate chip with walnut cookies. These were nostalgia cravings, which send me looking for food from my childhood. The calcium-driven cravings are explanatory; these are met with question. I don’t even feel good about eating the chocolate, but it becomes a must-have in the moment.


Fortunately, I was able to double-up on serving my needs by finding two pairs of maternity pants for only $24 at Old Navy® today. Eureka! Even though I’m only 14 weeks, the fibroid I have sitting behind my uterus has increased from 1mm to the size of a plum since I’ve been pregnant. It pushes my uterus forward, so I look 4 months instead of three. Fortunately, the fibroid hasn’t had much nutrition since my estrogen levels stabilized, and it is sitting pretty at its current size. I was warned by my doctor that it could grow as large as a basketball. “A basketball!” I exclaimed. But he assured me that it would shrink after the pregnancy.


This is just my theory, but I think that the onslaught of testosterone halted the growth. Some say testosterone (T) doesn’t cross the placenta, but other evidence shows women responding to T with PUPPS and/or increased aggression, both exhibited mainly in women carrying boys. My chest, back, stomach, and upper thighs have been covered with an itchy, red rash since week ten. 


I’m glad today’s cravings are done because the next step is already underfoot: heartburn. I’ve got gripes galore. Thank heavens there’s a little cutie on the other side of all this discomfort.


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