If It Isn’t One Thing, It’s a Bloody ‘Nother


As my luck would have it, my latest condition involves nose bleeds, something I rarely experienced as a child.

In fact, I was rarely sick as a child, which made me quite envious of the kids who got all the extra attention and time granted away from class because of spontaneous nasal blood pours. As I matured, I reasoned that such conditions probably weren’t as fortunate as I had imagined, and I appreciated extended periods of health.

Unlike my last two pregnancies–the ones that ocurred when I was under 35–this one has been no cakewalk. Each week, seemingly, brings me a new ailment.

At first, I thought my nose was merely running because it was cold outside, but for the last three days, what runs is red rum (blood). The thought of coagulating plasma building up in or–worse–oozing from my nose actually freaks me out a bit.

I feel like a pariah because I know people in social settings don’t think anything involving others’ fluids of contagion is cute *at all*. And it isn’t. But neither is the rash all over my chest. Oh, and did I tell you that said nose bleeds are accompanied by headaches?

Eh! Such is the incubation of life. I’ll take it all. My wee one is well worth every bit.

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