My Dream Is My Reality


Unfortunately, I was in an auto accident today. I was hit on the driver’s side by another motorist who was trying to “avoid” a fender bender in his own lane.



I ended up having to go to the hospital, and they gave me a nifty CD of my ultrasound pics to take back to my OB, who wouldn’t tell me my baby’s sex at my Thursday visit (even though staff told me over the phone that the doctor would tell me). He said it was too early and gave me an appointment for an ultrasound at a specialist’s…in five weeks! I almost cried. But I set my sights on a 4D ultrasound place and agreed to fork over the cost.

After returning home from the hospital (bed rest for the weekend–grrrr), I played the disk, and the baby’s sex was fairly obvious (unless girls now have protrusions between their legs, which is unlikely, in spite of growth hormones and GMO’s.) So, ummm, check the maleness…




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