The Weight of Worries

With 23 weeks left to go, I’m becoming nervous about my Son’s arrival. I have been working on organizing my life, especially my finances. I want to provide the best possible life for my Son, and it will take more than the desire to do so.

With each child (2), I stepped up my mom game. With my first, I learned how to trade on eBay to get the best brands while saving tons. She ended up with a wardrobe of Oilily® and Deux par Deux®, much of it “gently used.” My second daughter was lucky to arrive around the time when Neiman Marcus opened its SoCal outlet and as Nordstrom Rack became ubiquitous. I had also discovered that Burberry® outlets had excellent kid-finds.

My youngest daughter, from my 2nd marriage, was born into a well-networked and supportive family, which helped tremendously. We ended up selling a stroller because we had three.

My first daughter had a lot of love as support since my family was still living in Los Angeles. My sister was only four years older than my daughter, and we got many, very nice hand-me-downs. But my stepmom was only in the States on a temporary Visa, so she returned to Sweden, taking my sibs with her. My Dad followed not long after. I remained in Los Angeles, 3000 miles away from my mother and my father’s family.

Not only do I lack a support system, but I am also in the worst financial bind I’ve experienced in my adult life. “Helpful” family members questioned, “Are you sure you want to do this?” The decision was hardly my own to make, I felt. My Son is here, and I certainly wasn’t going to reject the gift of life and motherhood. Keeping him is my choice. Now I have to prepare my financial house, so I can give him what he needs.

Thankfully, I hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees from one of California’s most reputable universities. It is time to parlay these skills so that my Son can have the Universe. He most certainly deserves it.


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