Not Quite Fig Leaves


Yesterday, I found my Son’s first outfit when I went perusing at Carter’s® in Culver City. I told myself I had no business going baby browsing, but I just can’t help eyeballing all the boy clothes, a section to which I’ve never really paid much attention. Instead of writing boy clothes off as drab, these are now my pickings. And, while the toddler and young boy clothes still don’t strike me, the baby boy clothes are worth fawning over.

I have few rules, but I realized that I’m willing to bend them in the name of “cute.” I had initially said “no monkeys!” for my wee one. I don’t allow them (or skulls) on my daughters either, but especially not on my boy. It was the lingering sting of racism and black people being branded as monkeys that made me so adamant. But, after seeing the many animal options on baby boy clothes, I decided that I was being a bit overly responsive, that my Son certainly doesn’t need to be wrapped up in ridiculous projections and hangups. Besides, the monkey lineup is amidst onesies with frogs, ducks, dogs, alligators, et. al.. It’s not like I’m getting an entire monkey wardrobe for him. I just don’t want anyone looking at my little brown son and saying, “Oh, he looks like a little monkey!” I guess someone that inappropriate could do so whether he sports a primate on his knickers or not. I just don’t want to give the green light by dressing him up like a primate.


I gave in. I saw a set that had a onesie with a monkey on one side of the hanger and a onesie that said “boys rule” on the other. Attached was a pair of pants with a little monkey face embroidered on the bum. It was the “boys rule” onesie that drew me in, however. Turqouise and brown, paired? Adorable! Eh. The monkey stuff is quite cute, too. 😉



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