20 Week Ultrasound Results Are In!


20 Weeks Pregnant Baby Bump

When a child is a fetus, it’s the only time that parents feel perfectly comfortable sharing and posting to the web pics of their little ones’ usually private parts. Pictures abound on the interwebs of fetal peckers and “hamburgers,” and no one stops to consider.


20 week ultrasound

But one childless friend, to whom I sent a pic of my Son’s “It’s a Boy!” ultrasound, was a bit mortified. “Did you send me a picture of your baby’s p*nis?” she asked in response to my enthusiastic photo blast. Before her questioning, I hadn’t even considered that the picture could be perceived as inappropriate. I’m just so darned proud of my Son. Finally! A Son! Yay! At no other time will I show off his member with such pride and indiscretion.


It's A Boy!


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